About Us

“4b” stands for the unofficial fourth branch of the government - the people - the most powerful force when united. Today, people are more divided than ever even with easily accessible information and innovative technology. Why? Because we have become insular by living in our self-made bubbles. We often absorb information that only aligns with our preconceived views of the world around us, while ignoring or quickly discrediting information that does not. As a result, we frequently don’t have the complete picture of a topic and this further distances us from reality by keeping us in our bubbles. 

4b brings all the bubbles together. People can consume information in line with their existing viewpoints, while also being exposed to the other sides. Short form, the main points, the points of contention. We give people the opportunity to have access to clear information from all views of a topic – not just one. 

4b is a platform for change. Not through divisiveness or competing with one side or another, but by sharing fact-based information and a social element to foster productive, respectful debate. Challenge the other side, challenge your own side, but most importantly, challenge yourself!