About Us

Named for the idea of a “fourth branch” of government—comprised of we the people—4b is a new startup, part of a grassroots movement to counter growing divisiveness in our culture and bring people together. It’s a place to show others what’s most important to you.

4b presents well-written articles on controversial subjects that are original, short, to-the-point, from both perspectives, and validated with proper references. Get fresh editorial content that cuts through the information bubbles of normal online news sources, complete with citations and editor-curated fact boxes referenceable at a glance.



Our Article Creation Process


4b has a large, diverse group of writers and editors committed to delivering short, fact-based content that is cited and easy to read. Our content creation process involves multiple checks and balances to ensure we provide high-quality articles that meet our rigorous standards. 


Interested in Writing for Us?


If you'd like to join our contributing writers team, please apply by sending your interest and two non-fiction writing samples to submissions@4b.world


General Questions?


Contact us at info@4b.world

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